Respond to all of your needs as the rubber expert

We have spent 80 years on providing rubber-related goods since our establishment.
Adopting the motto "satisfy all the needs of customer", we aim at providing our customers with products of better quality faster and satisfy them by taking advantage of high blend technology.

We're making great efforts to the development of the method of production such as the automation of unmanned shaping of vertical injection and horizontal injection, the production of sponge rubber of continuous extrusion molding and solid rubber, which have been one of our strength.

In addition to daily efforts to improve productivity and quality, we also aim at new original technique which hasn't been discovered by any other company including the reduction of injection molding investment and long wide sponge rubber.

For the supply to the overseas factory of the user, the first overseas factory has been established in Malaysia in 1994, responsible for manufacturing cheap products for Asia at present.

Pursuing the best matching of the development capability, supply power, quality power, cost power, we'll keep daily efforts.

Okayasu Rubber Co., Ltd