Environment Policy

We pay great attention and make continuous effort to set up environment management system and environment improvement as technically and economically as possible for the realization of "environment protection that is healthy and of high quality", with the social responsibility of company accomplished, realizing that environment protection of the earth is one of the most important issues for each person.

1.Try our best to follow the environment-related laws and rules besides the requirements of the interested customers and prevent environment from pollution, precisely grasping the influence to the environment by the production, processing, sales activity of the industrial rubber in our company.

2.Establish the Environment Safety Health Committee for environment performance improvement and promote the improvement activities to set up full-scale environment purpose·goal·program, reconsidering solutions according to the results of the committee meeting and internal environment inspection, outside examination, correction, prevention measures.

@Make environment-friendly products.
AFixed positioning. Fixed quantity. Fixed direction.
 Make a clean factory.

3.The policy is documented, published, distributed to all the staff and made use of effectively while each of them is educated to pay attention to the environment and holding as company activity.
  Furthermore, it shall be published to not only the business partner but also the public.

Oct.1st 2017

Okayasu Rubber Co., Ltd
Chief manager of production department Hiromitsu Sugi


Okayasu Rubber follows observes a regulation level of the law about environmental loading elimination to the air and water.
We make great efforts to reveal potential environment risks and set up the Environment Safety Health Committee and chemical substance monitoring person in charge through yearly internal audit,then keep monitoring to prevent environment accidents. The internal audit and committee activities are overall activities held in the office.


Organizational Structure

ISO acquisition

Head office @ISO14001:2015

@Acquired on 2001 Feb.27th
※Revised on 2018 Sep.4th

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