Occupation Introduction

SalesListening to customers’ requests, promoting cooperation among departments, as well as make satisfying proposal from received order stage of trail manufacture and mass production to delivery stage. Also, you are expected to be present at exhibitions to actively attract new customers. Undergraduate or higher level degree
OperationComputer-centered tasks including supporting Sales, managing practical operation from order to delivery, telephone or visitor reception, issuing statements of delivery, and collecting various kinds of data.Junior college or higher level degree
General Affairs / Management Attendance management, operation of social insurance, works related to statement issuance, money transfer and payment processing, equipment order, project management of company events, as well as management of necessary staff training aiming to develop employees’ abilities. Junior college or higher level degree
TechnologySupplemented by core technology of the company, you are required to take responsibilities from selection of materials and chemicals to evaluation of retailers.
Daily tasks mainly include collecting various data and creating rubber with new performance.
Undergraduate or higher level degree
ManufactureYour tasks are including the processes of extrusion, forming, refining and finishing. Keep the established manufacturing procedure in order to ensure satisfactory products.
To realize it, you are expected to be equipped with new ideas, make efforts to further increase productivity, as well as lower proportion defective.
Also, in order to carry materials and products, forklift-driving skill is needed.
Senior high school or higher level degree
Production ManagementMaking demand forecasting, keeping date of payment and developing efficient production plan.
Being able to flexibly dealing with urgent order and immediately publish information such as manufacturing site and business operation.
Undergraduate or higher level degree
LogisticsPreparation and delivery of products based on dates of payment and costumers’ requirements.
According to situations, driving forklift is needed. Working place is in the tent warehouse.
Senior high school or higher level degree
Quality ManagementResponsible for inspection and maintenance of system of quality assurance.
When complaints are raised, you are required to explore the reasons, and analyze corrective action, as well as whether the solution is appropriate or not. Also, you need to take care of both internal and external quality supervision.
Undergraduate or higher level degree